June 28, 2007

September retreat

This is a painting of a place that is very special to me. Each year in September a group of nine painting buddies escape to an old forestry lodge in the woods of Washington State to paint and play for a few wonderful days. I've know these ladies for many years now and this trip has become a treasured experience not to be missed. (Special thanks to Suzi who makes it possible).

June 24, 2007


This is a painting I recently completed inspired by the work of American Impressionist Childe Hassam. What a joy to be working on a large canvas, 24"x36", for a change!
Today my friend Rhonda introduced me to an amazing place in Woodinville Wa, Bassetti's Gardens. What a beautiful collection of gardens and some very lovely plants for sale.

June 21, 2007

working a little larger

I am working at painting my subjects close to life size. I enjoy the freedom of a larger canvas.

June 7, 2007

more rain is coming our way...

The forecast is more rain... big surprise! The good news is I'll have more time to spend in the studio if I'm not out messing around in the garden.
Two more weeks and my teenagers are off from school for the summer. I predict we'll be spending lots of time at the beach and I'll be hearing...
"Mom can you take us to the mall?"

June 6, 2007

skagit valley

The tulip fields in the spring are quite amazing, so much color! My daughter and I had a lovely time painting and photographing our visit. What fun.
My painting classes are winding up for the year and we're heading into summer. Now it's time for kid camps, we'll be drawing, painting and sculpting all kinds of things, including bugs and snakes! Should be very fun.

June 3, 2007

refreshing rain

We've had beautiful warm sunny weather, it's been just wonderful, but tonight the clouds rolled in and it's raining. I must be nuts, but I love it! Without the rain this wouldn't be such a magical place.

I'm taking a couple of workshops this summer. A week of plein air painting in the skagit valley and two weeks of intense study of still life with Juliette Aristides; needless to say I can't wait!

It seems every class or workshop I take allows me a little leap forward in my understanding and skills. Such a pleasure to move forward.