March 30, 2010

How being a "fraidy cat" pays off ...

One of the benefits of being an anxious person is that I plan ahead even to the smallest detail.  This means that as my travel day approaches part of me relaxes knowing that almost everything is taken care of. When the plane takes off I'll feel like that cat, but as soon as we level out I'm fine!  Out will come the book, drawing stuff and head phones.  No where to go for the next 11 hours, so just relax!

March 29, 2010

New book coming out on Amazon,

Just for kicks, this is a book I co-illustrated with my friend Jo Gershman, for Peter Pauper Press.  My job was to draw all of the people and Bo.  Jo did everything else!!!  It will be fun to see if this book does well.

Leaving on Thursday...

First Stop Paris...

Ok, here's a confession.  Some of you already know this, but I am not a spontaneous person.  Terms used to describe people like me;  creature of habit, timid traveler, control freak (on my worst days!)...
So I  have been challenged in a multitude of different ways planning this trip.  Let's just say I can't just "wing it".  Some interesting things I learned while being my own travel agent:  on google if you want to see what your hotel looks like in Paris, just type in the address, click on maps, then click on satellite, you can zoom so far in that you can literally walk the streets.  To do this you drag the little icon of the person down to the street you want to see, voila, you are there.  One hundred years or more ago, you would have opened your Baedeker (travel guide) and read about your destination and opened the map. 
The internet is an amazing tool.  I have a couple of hours in Paris before my buddy Cindy arrives, so by doing a little sleuthing on google, I discovered there is an amazing museum just around the corner from my hotel, the Musee Jacquemart-Andre.  For about $15 I can buzz over and look at amazing paintings while I wait for Cindy. 

Super Cool!

More later...

March 26, 2010

Less than a week away!

Oh my goodness, my brain is fried!  I'm scurrying around trying to make sure everything is finished before I leave.  Being the rather timid traveler that I am, this trip is really stretching my comfort level, but c'est la vie! I am determined!

March 21, 2010

Preparation for my Grand Adventure

I'm getting very near my departure date and things are looking good.  Train and plane tickets  all purchased, rooms have been reserved, and the intinerary set. 
Here's the plan,
April 2nd arrive in Paris and meet my travel buddy Cindi,  
one whole day in the Louvre then two more dys of exploring Paris.
April 5th, take the night train to Florence and hopefully check out the Uffizi.
April 8th, on to Rome.  A nine hour tour of the Vatican, good shoes required!
April 12th, Cindi heads home and I'm off to Nice for four days. 
April 16th, meet Ken in Brive la Gaillarde and head to Beynac et Cazenac
Explore the Dordogne region
April 20th, off to Amboise and exploring the castles of the Loire Valley
April 25th, Ken heads home and I'm off to Brittany, and a little town called Dinan.
April 30th, head home!

I hope to post tidbits from the trip every couple of days while over there.  Hopefully my computer works!

March 17, 2010

more stuff on the easel and one finished piece

sorry about the sideways image, that's the finished one...

On the easel

This project is on the easel at the moment. It's very interesting translating a small sketch to a very large painting. The sketch was started on site. As of ten as possible working from life is the way to go. The photo is then the backup and helps with fine detail and overall color and light. It's very interesting to see all three images together. I can see some adjustments to be made in the painting. Slim down trunk and taper width especially. I am happy with the way the light is coming through. Now to start really refining all of the shapes and bringing in more detail.

March 3, 2010

Distinguished Guests

My grandmother Bette who (will be 90 next October!) my Aunt Jean attended my reception at the Carco theatre. It was a fun evening! Thanks to all the help from my family and friends.