September 29, 2010

On the drawing board and easel...

I feel like I finally hit my stride!  There's no knowing what finally kicked into gear but I'm feeling it!

The drawings are coming together. It's been really interesting working on these, especially the first one.  The camera distorts the angles and perspective so I have to correct the distortions using my shaky knowledge of linear perspective and memory. I'm debating weather to keep them as line only or add value.  Once they're finished I'll take them to Kinkos to have them enlarged so I can transfer them to canvas.

Uffizi in Florence, Italy 

View from the castle in Beynac, France

Castle in Amboise, France

Can you tell by my color choices that I LOVE autumn?  There's something about the changing colors and cool air that inspires me. 

My Ellie, closer to getting the likeness...

September 20, 2010

More works in progress...

This is my favorite time of year!  The farmers marker is full of beautiful fruits and vegetables and the air is crisp and clear.

September 17, 2010


I take my camera with me as often as possible.  It doesn't seem to matter where I go, there is always a glimpse of beauty or a spark of a story.  The top photo is from the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.  In the museum complex there is the most amazing village which celebrates american history.  This image is taken in the general store.  I could have spent hours in there!  Below that is one of our furry friends who lives under the cabin where we go for our retreat.  He was very fat and sleepy.  Ready for fall.  The painting is from a farm I found on Whidbey Island.  It was tucked up against a hill.  

September 15, 2010

back again and works in progress

Just got back from a week long retreat with my POBL buddies.  It was wonderful!!! The woods next to the cabin are so gorgeous.  Now it's time to dive in and get lots of painting done.  The paintings below are in progress and headed for my show in February.