April 18, 2006

setting goals

I've set a goal to create a body of work to present to galleries in hopes of being included in a show. Landscapes, still lifes and figures are all very interesting to me, so I'll try and come up with six of my best for each catagory. Essentially it will be a good six months before they're completed. It's exciting to have a goal to work toward. Working is so much easier when there is a focus.

April 17, 2006

Hooray, it's Spring!

Everywhere I look there are flowers! I painted this little splash of color for fun the other day, not very accurate, but certainly was fun.

I'm so happy to see the sun and warmer temperatures. As soon as it's warm enough I'd like to take my students outdoors to paint.

April 2, 2006

Back again

Well, back to the question of balance. I quit my part time job recently so that I am able to teach and paint full time. Elation and fear are the result. Elation to know that I am once again able to paint to my hearts content, and fear of not earning an income. Given the choice I would spend all my time creating and none of my time marketing, but being a fairly practical person I know this is not wise. So I will persevere to attend to the business aspect of art.