April 18, 2006

setting goals

I've set a goal to create a body of work to present to galleries in hopes of being included in a show. Landscapes, still lifes and figures are all very interesting to me, so I'll try and come up with six of my best for each catagory. Essentially it will be a good six months before they're completed. It's exciting to have a goal to work toward. Working is so much easier when there is a focus.


Rebecca Bush said...

Congraulations, Michelle! Do you know what you are going to do yet, or are you just going to see what happens?

michelle said...

Thanks Rebecca,

For the landscapes I will concentrate on locations that have significant personal meaning to me, it sounds woo woo, but certain sites restore my sense of wonder and make my small problems seem insignificant.

I have in mind for the figures, painting people in the act of creating something, ie music, art, craft. It fascinates me to see people totally absorbed by there work.

In terms of still life I haven't really decided on a focus yet.

How's it going in your neck or the woods?

tlc illustration said...

I don't think it's woo woo at all. They will be all that more powerful for the personal and emotional connection.

Looking forward to seeing them!

Rebecca Bush said...

My neck of the woods is good! ;) Too much design work lately and not enough painting. But I've been thinking a lot about landscape painting and I think that is the direction that I am going to go in for my paintings. I always treasure the work that I do up at Bumping Lake. It is very invigorating. So why just once a year?

tlc illustration said...

Good point Rebecca (and your landscapes are always such a delight. I'll be happy to see more of them!) :-)