November 15, 2006

new images

These are paintings I have recently finished. I am particularly happy with the gourds, such fantastic shapes to paint.

There's an amazing feeling when I finish a painting and know that the adventure is about to begin again, maybe it's "0ld" age but the process of painting is now as exhilirating as the result.


tlc illustration said...

These really pop on screen. The gourds are fantastic and fantastical with their shapes and stems.

The only thing that doesn't feel fully integrated still is that starfish... Feels a bit 'pasted on' or something rather than fully a part of that painting...

Will these go towards your gearing-up-for-gallery showing?

Rebecca Bush said...

This new technique is really something! I'm excited to see these finished and am looking forward to see where this goes. Keep up the good work!