January 7, 2007

Passing Time

2006 was such a strange year, some of it was wonderful, some not so good. Now we are into a new year, I am very curious to see what it will bring. I could wish for a more comfortable time, but then I might miss out on some exciting events. The bottom line is, a life is most rewarding when we can keep our eyes open on the roller coaster, even occasionally put our hands in the air and feel the exhilaration.


tlc illustration said...

Perfect philosophy (which I need to keep in mind on my own current rollercoaster!)

Rebecca said...

Absolutely! My big accomplishment last year was to overcome my fear of the rollercoaster-like motion of small airplanes and boats. I realized that the fear was causing me to get sick and to lose out on a lot of new experiences. I just had to trade in my fear for faith. Here's to a spectacular 2007!