January 29, 2008

Beautiful snow!

We had our first big snow yesterday. I took a walk with my daughter, we laughed and had a wonderful time. There's something about fresh snow fall that makes me feel like a kid.

The days are fairly dark and cold here so I spend a lot of time in the studio painting. Sometime in mid February I'll get spring fever and start day dreaming about my garden. That's when I hit the flower stands at the market so I can paint tulips and daffodils.


tlc illustration said...

I love these tiny little paintings!

(The last of the snow finally melted in the backyard.)

Rebecca Bush said...

I second that! Thanks for the photo of your painting set up. I'm working on 2 8x10 canvases right now, which seem tiny to me, and it's amazing how little space it takes to work in. They're actually kind of fun, especially in the immediate gratification department, because they will not take long to finish (my last painting was 36 x 48-- took months!) That is a lovely little bowl of cherries.