March 24, 2008

Lake Tipso and Abandoned Barn

Two more works in progress.

This painting is about 80% finished. The foreground shapes need defined and I'll work at tying in the sky with the rest of the painting by adding some warm color to the horizon.


Rebecca Bush said...

I'll be interested to see how you finish the barn painting. In both of these pictures, we are so far away from the subject. The middle ground area is always the most challenging part, I think, but usually that is *behind* the subject, at least in my paintings where the main subject is smack dab in front. By putting your subject in the distance, you can use all that middle ground to build "paths" to lead the eye back into the painting. It's an interesting solution.

tlc illustration said...

Michelle! Your landscapes are getting so... 'yummy'! The compositions and foreground shapes and paths are so pleasing and seem to work effortlessly (which I'm sure took plenty of effort). These are light-years beyond where you were just a short time ago it seems. Good on you!