October 17, 2008


I finished reading a book called something like "One Simple Rule for Composition". It was recommended to me by Liana Bennett. The basic idea is no two intervals the same. Although it reads as one simple rule, after reading the book I came up with a list of questions to ask. So the very next painting I'm planning will hopefully benefit from a better composition


tlc illustration said...

Keep posting/talking about these compositional issues. Always good reminders and good new-ways of thinking of things.

(This rooster looks like he might be distantly related to my 'mystery chicken'. She must be a mix of a couple of things, one of which looks something like him...)

Rob Rey said...

Lovely paintings!
I love compositional theory as well. Andrew Loomis has some good passages on it in "Creative Illustraion" if you havn't seen it. You can find it online in pdf format (the book is long out of print)