November 20, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

It's raining buckets full today, makes me feel fortunate to be warm and dry in my home. Wishing we lived on a planet where everyone could count on a warm dry place to be out of the weather.
I've noticed something in my painting lately, as the last layers are applied I am not in such a hurry to finish. I'm taking a little more care not to rush and say good enough.
I'm also continuing to read up on composition. Juliette Aristides new book on classical painting has quite a good section on the subject. It's fascinating, analyzing painting based on geometry. Don't ask me to repeat the idea, because while I understand it well enough when I read it, just barely, trying to teach it to someone else at this point is not gonna happen!

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tlc illustration said...

Slowing down probably feels really good. :-)

I've read up some on the whole concept of 'sacred geometry' when it comes to composition. I find it really interesting - but I'm going to have to have more 'brain' than I currently do to devote to really figuring out how to apply it.

I took some photos of pictures Margaret Davidson had done at that workshop I took from her last summer that she composed around 'sacred geometry'. It's easy to see in her examples. Remind me to show you sometime.