January 20, 2012

The problem with melting snow

What happens to 14" of snow when the temperature suddenly rises above freezing and it starts to rain?  Lots of WATER.  I was working away in my studio when the sounds of splashing water begins to interfere with my concentration.  "What the heck is that?!"  Outside the window I can see water streaming down from the eaves of the house into the window well of the daylight basement. YIKES!!!  The gutters are plugged with ice.  So what's a girl to do?  Hubby is somewhere in Boston, so that handyman is not available, and since my 20 year old son is not the outdoorsy type, we both must tackle this one together.  Using a ladder, hand trowel, some heavy duty tin foil, twisty ties and an aluminum venting pipe we are able to clear most of the ice out of the downspouts and divert the running water away from the house.  Thus avoiding (hopefully) a flooded basement.  All in a days work.

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Anonymous said...

Creative maintenance. Good going.