May 1, 2006

Sporadic at best

Well, it appears that my blog will be very much like my written journal, sporadic at best.
It's beautiful here in the Pacific NW now. There are flowers blooming everywhere. The pink dogwood in our backyard is particulary pretty. Seeing the saturated colors around me inspires me to paint. I would like to get out of doors and do some plein air work. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I will try and get out later this week.


tlc illustration said...

Love the gerbera daisies!

tlc illustration said...

Hey Michelle - one of the artblog gals that I link to has started a 'subsidiary' blog for small works of art: . These are small format, quick, originals that she's selling for $100/piece. I'm awaiting *The One* (like your painting from Jo) to purchase. :-)It reminds me a bit of what you are doing with your spa work. Anyway, this might be another venue, if you wished. Hope you had a very nice Mother's Day.