June 10, 2006


I am still trying to decide what to focus on for subject matter. Definitely still life. Fruit and berries are so colorful and lucious I will use them as a theme. Now to consider a unifying theme for composition, color, value and especially the "story" behind each piece.
The strawberries are fun but I didn't take the time to create a really successful composition or story. Nor did I take the time to paint thoughtfully with regards to brush stroke and value. So, my goal is to slow down and think each step through.


tlc illustration said...

I think the slowing down and being conscious and purposeful as you go is a great idea.

Also, I'm sure as you keep thinking, you will come up with a theme or idea to follow that will pull all of your still lifes together, and make the 'story' behind each one easier to come up with. It just takes that one idea...

Rebecca Bush said...

Whoops! I left a post on the baby house wrens picture instead of here. I LOVE this picture-- great composition and lines! Maybe a still life theme could be what is in season at the time. Strawberries now, these flowers, later vegetables, fruit.