June 7, 2006

Baby house wrens

We have house wrens and their chicks nesting in a flower basket on the front porch. I LOVE SPRING! Working in the garden is heavenly, the flowers are blooming, the berries are forming and the bees are very busy.


tlc illustration said...

Oh! I really like this piece! And how nice to see you online. :-)

Can you take pictures of the wren babies? (Will they let you that close?)

michelle said...

I would love to take pictures of them but the daddy is very protective, if we linger by the nest at all he becomes agitated and screeches at us. Yesterday I think may have been their first day of flying. There were wrens all over the front yard cheeping and fluttering.

Rebecca Bush said...

WOw! I love these flowers! What great lines and composition. Maybe for your still lifes you could focus on whatever is in season right now.