July 11, 2006

Footloose and fancy free

It's summer, which means no schedule, anything goes. My kids are loving the freedom. Part of me loves the flexibility but the painter in me yearns for the routine, where painting time is guaranteed. I have yet to start on my still life series, the warm weather and bright blue skies call and I must be outside.

Plein Air, that's the ticket!


tlc illustration said...

oh! Michelle! I don't think I've seen this one before. I really like it - the aerial perspective is very effective. I want to walk down that boardwalk. :-)

I meant to ask you today - how much *are* you doing private lessons over the summer?

michelle said...

At least once a week, sometimes twice. So far I love it.

Rebecca Bush said...

Summer is for landscape painting! You can always do still life in the winter. I vote for painting whatever appeals to you! I love this one.