July 19, 2006

Renaissance Lady

I've been making copies of master paintings to better understand their processes. It's great fun, and allows me to become more familiar with portrait painting.


Rebecca Bush said...

So cool! I love these portrait copies. I've always heard that copying is a great way to learn, but I've never tried it. What kinds of things have you been learning from it?

michelle said...

A lot about brush handling. Comparing the feel of putting down less paint than I'm used to. Also ridding myself of what I thought I understood about the colors found in eyes for example. There really are not whites of the eyes when you're painting. After doing a few of these I'm now interested in changing the likeness to people I'm familiar with, swapping our their likeness for the original. Fun stuff!

Rebecca Bush said...

Like doing a portrait of your daughter in a Renaissance style? I think that'd be really neat!