December 18, 2006

stormy weather

Well, we had a doozy of a storm. We lost electricity sometime Thursday night after going to bed. When we woke the house was pretty chilly and completely dark. I immediately lit some candles and went into Alaska mode; blocked off the doorways to the living room and lit a fire in the fireplace. After a couple of hours it was nice and toasty and the sun had come up. We spent the day reading and playing games, I was able to paint in the studio for an hour or so before it got too cold. The really fun part was experimenting with the fireplace as an oven. We roasted hot dogs for lunch, then I made a sort of stew out of Healthy Choice TV dinner and added vergies and potatoes for dinner. It was actually quite good. The sun sets around 4:30pm these days so at about 4pm I realized I'd better get things organzied before the dark. I lit candles everywhere and we settled in for the night with more reading and games. All in all we had a good experience but when the lights came on just before sunset the next day I felt relief.


Rebecca Bush said...

Oh Michelle-- you and your Alaska mode. I must say that I would vote you as POBL member that I would most like to be stranded in a power outage with! :) Sorry, Tara, if you are reading this, but you know how this girl can chop wood! I'm so relieved to hear from both of you-- I was thinking warm electric thoughts of you this weekend.

tlc illustration said...

I'm with you Rebecca! Alaska-woman-Michelle would also be MY vote of who to stay with! (You all sounded much warmer and fun-having than my chilly, fireplace-less house!)