April 4, 2007

Time to stop, look and listen

This painting was finished about a week ago. I'm fairly happy with this one, although I really wish I had made the eggs much smaller. There would have to be a chicken sitting on that nest to lay such large eggs... since the nest is only about six inches across that would be quite impossible. The flower is not bad though.
After quite a good run of painting and illustrating I hit a rough patch yesterday. I began a painting of some very lovely flowers in a cobalt vase and it was horrible when I finished. In the end I rubbed the paint off of the canvas and left it to dry. It will be the underpainting for a different composition . This experience reminded me that everyone eventually runs out of ideas and when that happens it's time to stop, look around and find inspiration.

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Rebecca Bush said...

Or maybe you're just tired and being over critical. I wouldn't have known the comparitive sizes of the nest or eggs or even that they were chicken eggs if you hadn't mentioned it.

One of my favorite tips from a teacher was: Don't ever point out your mistakes! You are usually the only one who will notice them.