December 18, 2007

Morning Ride

This painting is for my sister-in-law Teresa. She has a couple of horses and lives in Alaska. It still needs work on the horse but it's getting close to finished.
Sometimes it's a challenge to keep narrative paintings like this one from seeming overly sentimental. I'm hoping the treatment of brushstroke and color will pull it over into a successful piece of art.


tlc illustration said...

I like all the pinks in the snow. (I don't think it feels sentimental). I struggle with that too - so much of what I am currently doing feels so 'cute' out of art direction and necessity... Ready to paint some scary stuff I think. :-)

Did you get all the paintings done that you needed to by yesterday?

Anonymous said...

I like it already! I think snow is one of the most difficult elements to paint but you know how to do it.
My PC doesnt work (it has a virus)so I'm writing and using my husbands laptop. Unfortunately this means I cant post or update my blog for Christmas. This makes me very sad cause I had lovely Christmas photos for all you readers ready. I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Hugs
Maria from Finland

J Matt Miller said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! I enjoyed your site as well. Keep up the excellent work!