May 30, 2008

Fruit Study and Contemplating rejection

Yesterday I had myself a little temper tantrum over the rejection of some of my paintings for a new hospital building. I was indignant about the contemporary art that was chosen. This morning I am reminding myself that part of my current goal as an artist is to work hard at building my skills as a painter and more importantly discover what it is I want to communicate with my painting. This is no easy task. So I will continue to send my work as it is at the moment and be content that I am working towards my goal, truthful communication of my world through my art.


Rebecca Bush said...

In these instances, I remind myself that my artistic talent is a gift that has been given to me, and it is not up to me (or an art panel) to ultimately judge if my work is "good" or not. My job to pick up the brush and follow my heart and do my best. That is all. It's tempting to get into trashing other people's art, but it's important to honor their work as well as our own. Everyone is on their own path.

michelle said...

Very true Rebecca. You are so right.

tlc illustration said...

Art rejection comes from every market, apparantly. When I keep the statistics in mind of how much art is actually accepted it a: helps me keep perspective about my chances and b: makes me wildly grateful when my work is accepted for something.

I guess one of the lessons for us is to keep submitting LOTS. Statistically, one's chances have to go up, the more you do (and the more likely you are to find compatable markets).