May 15, 2008

spring bulbs

My friend Cindi and I are going out for a ramble this morning. Its gray and misty but I'm hoping for some glimpses of the sun. I find if I stay in the studio and house too long I run out of inspiration for new paintings. The last time Cindi and I went out and shot pictures I came home with one of the best inspirations for a painting. So today I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that we stumble on something magical again.

Other news, my apple painting was accepted for the juried show at the Edmonds Art Festival. Always held around fathers day, this event is always filled with amazing things to see and sits on a hill over looking the water.


Rima said...

Hello Michelle, thanks for visiting me and for your kind compliments :) Pleased to meet you - your work is really great :)
Best wishes from Scotland

Anonymous said...

I love the play of light in your apple painting. Good luck with the juried show!