July 28, 2009

It's Finished!

I'm very happy! I finished the house commission and feel satisfied with the results. There's a moment at the end of a project when I hope to feel a sense of well being and pride. It doesn't always happen but with this project it definitely happened.
There's a plein air week-long event coming up that I'll attend in Cle Elum beginning Aug 2. I'm excited and nervous, haven't been painting outside yet this summer so I'm rusty.


tlc illustration said...

This turned out beautifully! I'm sure they were thrilled.

Have a great time at your painting thing! (hope it isn't too hot for you).

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are THRILLED with the painting. It is everything we had hoped for and more. Michelle is a gem. Beyond the brilliance of the art work, we really enjoyed getting to know Michelle and Ken. Amazing to have such a talented artist just up the hill from us in Bothell. We love both our Michelle paintings! Thanks again, Kurt