August 14, 2009

New works in progress

As you can see, I've been getting outside to paint. The four small paintings were the result of a workshop taught by Jim Lamb on plein air painting. We spent five days painting in Kittatas (sp) area, which was absolutely gorgeous. It's so helpful to paint on location, all of the nuances that are lost in photos are there for us to see. The atmospheric perspective is especially interesting.
The rest of the paintings are from my studio. They are all in progress. I hope to start on some new still life and landscape this week, as I'll be finishing up these paintings.


Elaine said...

Good morning Michelle! The house did turn out fantastic! Great job my friend! Get together soon? :-)

tlc illustration said...

I don't think I had realized that it was Jim Lamb that you were painting with (he was the one hosting the painting trip to Italy last year that sounded so good?) Wasn't he an illustrator before switching over to fine art?