November 29, 2005

It's raining, a great day to paint!

It's raining so hard this morning my daughter will need a ride to school. My son is old enough to ride the high school bus to Japanese language class this year so he has his way out of the wet. Believe it or not even though we live in Seattle hard rains do not happen all that often. When my kids are parents they can tell their kids they walked ten (one) miles in the driving(drizzling) rain to school.

I love the rain. There is something wonderful about being inside working away will the rain taps it's rhythm against the window. When January comes I am ready to see the sun again, which won't happen until April, possibly May.

Tara asked what kind of drawing warm up I could suggest. Very similar to the painting actually. Start with a simple still life set up and limit time and attention to detail. Allow five minutes per sketch and do two or three. In order to achieve the broad strokes I suggest working in charcoal, the large sticks. Ignore any surface texture or detail and concentrate on the form and value. A single light source is the best way to get bold shadows.


tlc illustration said...

That sounds ideal... Do you ever do any of those? (I'd love to see). It sounds like it would be reduced to essentially 3 values? Local value with highlights and shadow. Maybe with some cast shadow thrown in... I'm thinking this is a very good idea for me...

lorna said...

Beautiful colours and tones, it appears to radiate light.