November 28, 2005

We have frost on the ground this morning and an incredible crescent moon. I wish for snow every morning, but seeing as we live in Seattle the likelihood is slim, at least until January.

As usual I woke this morning wondering how to accomplish everything I have on my list. First and foremost is to get into the studio. It seems this never gets any easier; family, jobs, housework all demand attention, rightfully so. But I'm just not the best person I can be unless I've done some creating each day.


tlc illustration said...

OK - I'd love to talk about some 'warm-up' or quickie rendering equivalents for pencil or watercolor to what you do in oil. I love your simple objects and still-lifes. I think I would be attracted to them as 'quickies' although I'm not compelled to view them as more time-consuming pieces. I *do* want to be doing more quick and spontaneous work amidst the more complex illustrations.... Maybe you could share what you *do* choose to do in the studio time you have? Or give suggested assignments to some of us out here? :-)

Rebecca Bush said...

Hi Michelle,
I just love your portraits. They are really wonderful. I was surprised when I saw your self portrait on your website because I had not seen your recent portrait paintings-- you've come a long way since the first ones I'd seen you bring to the meeting. Keep up the good work!

Jo Gershman said...

Hi Michelle,
This site looks so beautiful! I am in love with the painting of the three pears--it is so simple and so rich. I also really like the ornaments painting for it's richness and simple color scheme.
Way to go!