December 1, 2005

I was asked do I draw and paint to the exclusion of less interesting chores. As often as possible. We have a fairly traditional household, but everyone chips in, which means my house is presentable most of the time but wouldn't survive a white glove test. My husband doesn't cook, but is great at doing dishes and keeping all things electronic running; the kids have daily and weekly chores. Everyone is pretty happy if I keep them in clean clothes and provide good dinners. We do a flurry of cleaning once on the weekend and call it good. The downside is nothing is ever as clean as I'd like. But given a choice, I'd rather have people remember me for my paintings than my sparkling house. Besides, quite selfishly, I get much more satisfaction out of a painting that will last a lifetime than a clean livingroom which will last for the space of an afternoon.

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tlc illustration said...

We're going to have to talk about what else you *do* do with your life! :-)

(And talk about scanning pencil sketches. I'm having dismal luck this week).