December 12, 2005

The Season is Upon Us

The one true indicator that the holiday season has arrived is my blasted annual head cold. Why is it some people can go through life never missing a day of work or school and others (like me) catch every virus known to man? I take my vitamins and eat a relatively healthy diet, so what's the deal? Oh well, I've decided to use this annual forced rest as a time to look around, take stock of my life and figure out what is working and what is not.

What works:
Painting in my studio, with the music on, this is when I'm happiest.
Hanging out with my family on a Sunday morning reading the newspaper while the kids read the funnies.
Morning walks with my best friend. It's good exercise and excellent therapy.
Puttering in my house, rearranging this and that.

What does not work:
Committing to too many things and doing a mediocre job at them because of over commmitting.
Worrying over the housekeeping. Worrying doesn't accomplish anything, doing does.
Listening to the news, not a good idea for anyone who's thin skinned.

Those are my thoughts this morning.

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