December 16, 2005

red robins

This little painting was inspired by a collection of darling ornaments I found at a gift shop near the studio where I teach. I often buy objects for sketching and these were irresistible.

I'm finally on the mend from the horrible cold virus and feel excited for the holidays and to paint, paint, paint! As usual my mind is going in a million different directions so I'll need to pin myself down and focus on two or three ideas at a time.


tlc illustration said...

Nice to see you online again. Missed you last week (although I was also too busy to do much in the way of blogging).

Are you teaching this week as well?

tlc illustration said...

Take more pictures of these things before you take them off to the spa!! (Not only would we like to see them, but you need to document this for yourself too!)

tlc illustration said...

Come back, Michelle.. Come back... The kids are in school. The blog is calling... :-)