May 29, 2010

On the easel, stuff in the studio, and a new message section...

We are in one our rainy stretches here in the NW, nothing new there. But after a week or two I start longing for some sun. The upside is my garden is practically bursting, the flowers are blooming and everything looks incredibly healthy.

Here's some food for thought;

The older I get the more excited I am by discovering new skills and insights in art and life. As with the rain there is a bit of a downer that comes with that. I see things much more clearly than I ever have, including my own short comings. This is good because the goal is to make this the best life possible, so if facing my own misconceptions and flaws is part of that so be it.
With that in mind, I have discovered I am a hermit at heart and a horrible correspondant. I think about the people I love all the time, the ones whom I see in my daily life know this. Unfortunately the ones that are far away don't. So I decided to add a new component to this blog. Brief messages to loved ones at the bottom of the post.

Mom and Dad; hope you are feeling better Mom and that the cough is going away.  Did you find any cool info about metal clay Dad? 
Leon and Joan, Soak up some sun for us. How is the garden growing at this time
of year? 
Brian and Teresa, is it horse riding season up there yet?  Do you still have snow?
Nana, I thought of you on my trip, wondering if you had seen some of the things I was seeing.  How brave of you to be such a world travelor.  No easy thing!
Omie, hope you are well.   Thinking of you.
Aunt Jean, hope you are well.  Thanks so much for coming up for my show.
Aunt Cherie, how goes the house remodeling?  Does the rain slow you down, or are you mostly inside?
Aunts, Uncles and  Cousins in CA, thinking of you all.  I get frequent grins thinking about the Christmas parties we had back in the day.
Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in OR, is it raining there too?  Do you know one thing I realized on my trip was how lucky we are to live in such beautiful places (Oregon, Washington, California).
And because this post will grow to big for anyone to read, let me just say these people in are in thoughts daily, Vanessa, Jen, Don, Tracey, Phil and Karen, Big Sam and Peter, Rich, DJ and Ryan.


shazartist said...

Hi I was just blog hopping. You have a very interesting blog going..thanks for sharing.

Terry Waldele said...

Hello Michelle, Hermit Queen! Are you staying dry in your cave? Your Mom's cough is much better, and she's doing a great job of managing her medications and her diabetes management. She and I are also planning and eating healthier meals. Consequently, we're both much more upbeat now than when we talked with you on the phone the other day. I haven't done anything with metal clay, because I still have a lot of knifemaking materials to use up. Thanks for asking how we're doing and for adding the comment feature to your blog. Hoping to see you guys soon. Love, Dad