April 19, 2010

Another day of wonders

I'm getting the hang of this town.  Keeping out of the not so pleasant streets.  I went back to my favorite museum today and spent quite a bit of time sketching and taking photos.  From there it was off to St. Etiennes for some very interesting eclectic architecture, sculptures and paintings.  Then on to the  Jardin Royal.  My goodnes what a beautiful park in the middle of this city.  Flowers were blooming everywhere and the trees were sprouting all of their new leaves.  The weather has been just gorgeous for days and days, I can't believe my luck!
For this weeks assignment I'd like my students to either find a photo or go outside and do a drawing mixing architecture and nature.  It's very interesting the juxtapose the organic with hard edged man made.


Ken Dick said...

All right! Looks like your Art studies are back to normal. Sounded like today was a beautiful one. Enjoy your trip to Sarlat. You are coming home later, aren't you?

jog said...

Oh, what a beautiful fountain! For all of the Seattle area's many beautiful parks, the only one approaching this lovely formality (at least that I can think of) is the downtown Bellevue park --but these gorgeous flower beds are a bit more formal than our more naturalistic tendency. Again, I am really enjoying your architectural renderings. So glad your weather is good down below if not up in the flying skies.

Michelle, I hope you've found a little restaurant you really like--keep going and you will be well treated, as it is unusual and very comlimentary when a tourist keeps coming back for the same cooking. Plus it feels like a little bit like "home away from home" to you each night, a familiar spot to be comfortable at the end of a hard day's work. And you are working hard!

Wishing you well!
Lots of love,

Elaine said...

Once again - wonderful pictures!!!

Thanks to you I am enjoying a fantastic and very cheap vacation!!! LOL

Sounds like you have found ways to spend your days comfortably and are getting a lot of drawing in. Way to go!

Continue to enjoy your time!


Terry and Cheryl said...

Hi Miss',
I've been frantically trying to reach you through commenting on your blog, but apparently my comments aren't getting through. I talked to Ken on the phone a few minutes ago, and he suggested trying your e-mail, that it seems to be working now, so I sent this comment as an email message before entering this comment on your blog. Mom and I are really enjoying your blog posts, and are happy for you that you are enjoying yourself so much. You deserve it! The Volcano seems to have threatened your flight plans, but Ken says he has you covered reservation-wise so you can come home by the 30th at the latest. Toulouse sounds like a small "big city", with all the good and bad features of a big city. Regardless, it sounds like there are enough attractions there to make it a nice place to visit. Isn't it great that the weather has been so good? Mom and I are really looking forward to your coming home and showing us your sketches and photos. Well, I hope this message gets through to you.
Love you,
Dad (and Mom).