April 25, 2010

Only 2pm and it's already been a great day!

This is what was out my window when I opened the curtains.  Good omen!

My hubby is going to think I'm nuts since last night I said I would stay in Sarlat for the rest of the trip then go straight to Paris then home.  But I changed my mind. This morning I went down to the train station and bought tickets to Amboise.  It north of here and on the way to Paris AND has a super cool castle.  So one last adventure before I leave.  I'll be there Monday night til Thursday morning.

But back to today.  More walking of course, to the train station to buy tickets then back toward old town Sarlat.  On my way I found a little antique shop and bought a little antigue book with "gold" clasps and a cool pen.  From there I headed toward a super cute little toy store and got some more cool stuff for my still life paintings.  An amazingly great sandwhich and small but delicious ice cream cone later, I am back at my hotel, first blogging then washing a couple of shirts.  I miss my laundry room (never ever thought I would say that!)


jog said...

Oh, Sarlat looks absolutely beautiful! And homesick or not, you are very experienced-world-traveller sounding what with hiring cabs and impromptu decisions to take off to new places--I hope your last few days are marvelous and SUNNY!

I love that avenue of twisting trees--not sure if it's from Sarlat or Beynac, but that's a fairy tale illustration in the making for sure. If you can ever find it after downloading all of these photos I would love a copy!

Michelle, you are truly AMAZING and I think you too will realize this (if you haven't already!) as you look back on all of this--the growth is not only in your marvelous sketchbooks!!

Enjoy, enjoy--so glad you get to come home from Paris as planned!


Ken Dick said...

Yes, why not. What's keeping you in that stuffy old medieval town anyway? Enjoy Amboise and the castles. I think your getting a minor case of the travel bug.

TaraLarsenChang said...

Michelle - you're such an awesome inspiration. I love hearing you getting more and more confident and holding up so well as a solo-traveler! I am in awe of you!