April 20, 2010


I just booked a day long tour of the Dordogne river valley.  I thought I was going to miss out because Ken isn't with me driving us around but I found a tour outfit that will take me to the places I wanted to go the most.  I'll get to climb around in some castles afterall!!!


Christy Casino said...

Hi...I've tried several times to blog you and hope that I finally got it right this time. I am so thrilled for all of your experiences and for what you have accomplished on your own. Awesome job! Continue to enjoy and stay safe. Christy

Patrice Moriarity Crawford said...

Yay for climbing around in castles!!

Love the photos!

Elaine said...

So cool that you get to do the castles!! And think - you didn't really need Ken to do it with you after all! Hee hee! Just kidding Ken! :-)

Can't wait to see the pictures from your next adventure!!

jog said...

Every once and awhile, it's so nice to put the reins in someone else's hands and let them handle all of the logistics! I took a tour by mself once in the Black Forest in Germany, and, not understanding one tiny ounce of German, ended up going into a men's room in a restaurant--and came out to everyone laughing (hopefully WITH me). Fortunately, no one else used it at the same time. Boy, was I EMBARRASSED! But years later, it makes a good story -- just remember that if something goes awry. You'll be chuckling with friends about it back at home soon! And fortunately, I made sure you knew the words for toilet in French and in Italian--now you know why!!!

I hope you had a marvelous day and perhaps made a friend or two! You are becoming such an expert traveller, Michelle.