April 26, 2010

Images from yesterday

There was some interesting things to see during the train ride north yesterday.  Little chateaux tucked in to hills, giant modern wind turbines, lots of grape crops, very rural very pretty. I didn't get many pictures, we were zipping by too quickly.

The building in the street shots are what I see out my window.  Cool, huh!

Some of you are anxious to see paintings made on the trip, unfortunately most of what I did was sketch.  I found it was much easier to carry a sketch book and  pencil that watercolors, brushes, water... you get the idea.  The little lady in the bottom sketch is from a statue at the Musee Augustins.  There was a group of them and they reminded me of some of James Christensens earlier works.  The funny thing is the little lady has the exact same face as the male statue next to her. Very interesting!  I wonder if they both look like the artist?

More later...


jog said...

Hi again,

I am living vicariously through your trip and my memories, as my current days are not about art or culture at all this month! As I remember, Amboise is far more "down home" compared to Chenonceau--if one can say that about a castle!

And, while I have come to really appreciate Rick Steves in the last two years, that "only one pair of shoes" rule is just impossible for some of us who get very tired feet or who just might like to trade in the sneakers for a nicer pair of shoes at night. But otherwise, he has great advice and his taste in food is good too, don't you think? You know I always have to bring it back to food, Michelle.

When I first saw all of those chateaux, it was raining for two solid weeks and that was my first (and just about only) experience with camping. Need I say more?

Maybe one day, POBL really can do a trip together -- maybe we will rent a barge and stop at a different town to draw each day! ahhh, dreams.

Enjoy your last few precious day!


TaraLarsenChang said...

Has your head completely filled up yet so that no more beauty can be crammed in? (totally happened to me).

If you're getting photos of the things you're sketching, that should be good for color if you wish to paint later. Not the same, I know, but at least something!

Are you finding the sketching useful?