April 26, 2010

Made it to Amboise

No new images yet, I just got settled into my cute little hotel.  The room is quite plain but the owner is super nice and extremely helpful.  So tonight I rest up and tomorrow check out Chateau Amboise then the Chateau du Clos Luce, where Leonardo spent the last years of his life.  Man oh man!  On Wednesday I can take a bus for 2 euro to see Chenonceaux, which is supposed to be amazing.

I won't be skying tonight because my computer is almost out of batteries and since the cable connection has to be plugged into the only outlet in the room I can't charge batteries and be online at the same time.  Sooo, more tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle...It sure has been fun to read your blogs and see the amazing pics. I am so proud of your adventuring beyond what you had even planned to do. Looking forward to hearing all the stories! Enjoy your remaining few days...Christy

Elaine said...

Crud! Somehow the last two comments I left went into cyberland! Oh well :-)

I've loved your pictures of the castles and narrow streets. Makes me SOOOO want to go back to Europe!!

But I think my favorite picture lately is the one of you on the grass with your little treasures all spread out! Can't WAIT to see the painting(s) that are derived from those :-)

You have done such an AMAZING job on this trip Michelle. I know it hasn't gone exactly as you had planned but you know what? Now that you've conquered Europe on your own, you can do ANYTHING!!!!

See you soon!