April 18, 2010

Day 18 (can you believe it?)

Worries about travel have me jittery, but I find once I'm outside on my way to a museum or cathedral my mind loosens up and I remember why I came here.

So more new stuff to post later...

XOXOOO  to ken, ellie, sam, mom, dad, joan, leon, Teresa and Brian, cindi, anne, nana, omie, scott and elaine, all my critique buddies, all my arts umbrella buddies... oh almost forgot jen and vanessa!

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Terry and Cheryl said...

Hi Miss',
Guess I figured out how this comment form works. Mom was trying to use our MSN username, and the form will only work if we use our Google username. Anyway, Mom says to tell you that she has been reading all of your blog entries and that she will send you her "comments" this afternoon. (We're both pretty tired because we had to get a new recliner for Mom and it involved some furniture rearrangement.) We really love your posts and appreciate your sketches and photos. Hope the stress of travel isn't taking too much of toll on you. I can identify with your tension, because the traveling I did in Alaska kept me stressed out most of the time that I was away from home. I'm glad you've found some good ways to cope with the stress. You might try a glass of wine if you have trouble sleeping. Love,
Dad (and Mom).