April 20, 2010

Tuesday morning (day 20, I think...)

The pictures are from yesterday.  Today is taking care of business day.

First, thanks so much for the great comments, I look forward to them everyday.  It's strange being here on my own.  The pace is different, as is the language, manners, oh, everything.  It's very humbling to see the range of experiences and in a sence how similar we all are.

Sorry I missed our call this morning (evening your time) Ken, Sam and Ellie, my minutes ran out on wi-fi and I had to go get more after breakfast.  Everything is fine, can't wait to see you!!!

The next leg of the trip will be in Sarlat, a little medieval village just north of here.  I'll be there for four days then either head north to Paris if the volcano permits or south to Madrid if not.

Anyway that's what's up here.  I hope you are all well, enjoying the spring, staying healthy!!

Oh!  Anne, are you almost done with work? I bet you're ready for some rest!  Lunch when I get back?  

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Ken Dick said...

Hi Hon,
Missed your call by 10 minutes this Tuesday morning. Doing housework so the place doesn't look like a total wreck when you get home. I've certainly liked everything you've shown from Musee des Augustins. What a find! Hope your trip to Sarlat worked out today. Have some fois gras.