April 7, 2010

Day 7

Sorry everyone for the wait.  We've been without internet access for about three day.  I'm in a little internet cafe in Florence for this update.  The service is so slow I don't want to waist precious minutes with pictures.  Cindi and I are having an amazing, mind blowing time.  Words can't express!!!!  Hello Ellie, No email sorry sweetie, hopefully you're having a fabulous trip.  Love to you Sam, hows D&D?  Ken I love you and can't wait to see you in France.  Love to Cliff, Samantha, Blake, and John.  Love to Anne, Barry and the boys.  Love to Mom and Dad, Nana and Omie.  We will be back online in a day or two with an update and hopefully pictures.


Anonymous said...

Everything is good at the homestaid.miss u lots buckwheat

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Look forward to seeing your pictures. Everybody is doing fine, even if we all are living in different cities this week. Ken

Anonymous said...

Im glad to know that everything is going well and that you two are having fun! Cant wait to hear about your adventures!

love Sam and Blake