April 17, 2010

Bad luck turns to good...

When I woke this morning my head was pounding and I was totally stressed.  After talking with Ken and getting a few ideas how to handle the volcano situation I went downstairs had some breakfast which included a very good cup of coffee.  Feeling better already, heading down the nearest street to get me to the center of "old town", it was shocking to see that the street I had chosen was lined with ladies of questionable lines of employment... (at 10am, none the less)!  Obviously I didn't stop to take pictures.  Feeling a bit disappointed, but pushing on, came upon a beautiful little square with a fountain and some great sculptures and old folks sitting on benches.  Getting Better!

As you can tell by the photos that the day just kept getting better with every turn.  I came upon the Musee des Augustins.  I immediately realized this was the reason I'd ended up in Toulouse.  This place had me in tears it was so beautiful. The last photo says it all.


Ken Dick said...

I am so glad you are recovering from the events and your sense of adventure is returning. Very wise to avoid public transportation unless you are bored with the town or must make it to an airport. Your photos today are very pretty. The last one is particularly elegant. I hope to see some of your works online when you find the inspiration. Sounds like you may be living near where Toulouse Lautrec got his start painting street ladies. Way cool! Get it? Toulouse, France? Monsieur Lautrec? Heh, Heh.

Elaine said...

Once again - incredible pictures Michelle! Glad you found a good cup of coffee to get your feet under you again :-)

Regardless of what is going on with ash elsewhere, it still looks like you are having great weather thank goodness.

Just think of the stories you'll have when you get home!

Keep on truckin'!!


jog said...

Oh, Michelle, every time I've tried to comment, it has been lost, but toay I am determined! First, I have to say, reading through the comments, that you have an amazing and supportive husband helping you sort out all of the lines of transportation--and all of his love shines through his postings!

I am so proud of you--travelling alone is hard and it sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job of it. Remember that a lot of people around you are in the same boat transportation-wise and this might help you make some temporary friends more easily day to day, or at least for a meal.

Although your plans have been uprooted, it also makes you very free so I hope that you can enjoy the freedom to explore at will. If you go back to Paris, there are marvellous day trips in all directions as well as so many museums, large and small, and I hope you have the name of my friend there, Annie, that I had emailed, in case of emergency?

Speaking of Toulous Lautrec, there is an incredible museum devoted just to him, but it's down to the south, in Albi. What a country--it sometimes seems like there is a museum for every artist!

Well, I am sending lots of love and wishing you well despite that darn volcano!

You are INCREDIBLE!!!!


Ellie said...

bonjour mamon :) je l'aime beaucoup!!! this is a great opportunity for you to explore and play everything by ear :) i hope you took advantage of those blue waters and at least dipped your toes in :) be the lara croft i know you are somewhere in there!!! anyway i has a zombie dream last night where you and me were kicking butt! so thats a good sign(up until you get infected of course)...anyway we all love you and are rooting for you! i love you more :) tata for now

LDahl said...

You go girl! I know you will be just fine, meanwhile I'm enjoying your posts very much. I'm even a bit jealous of your being stranded... well look where you're stranded at, and a loving hubby giving you guidance! Could be worse, yes? Once this is over you will have the memorys of a lifetime!

Lynn said...

Hi Michelle

Ken was just in looking a little lonely and sad that he wasn't with you. But what an interesting adventure for you...just not what you'd expected! I am that bit envious what with all the fabulous art and architecture you're enjoying. Can't wait to see your sketch book when you get back. What you've drawn already looks delicious. I'll be thinking about you so have a wonderful productive trip--with love--Lynn

TaraLarsenChang said...

Ah! Love those arches and all that sculpture. So many yummy things to look at. Soak, soak, soak it up! (I love the image of you as Lara Croft. :-)

Patrice Moriarity Crawford said...

HI Michelle!

When you talk about the cafes and the coffee my brain goes back all those years to when I lived in europe, to this day I can still remember the smells of the coffee and the bakeries and the street markets. I also remember the smells of the old buildings, wood, stone, dust, history.

Happy adventures!

PS.. are those the "Big Girl Pants" hanging up in the shower? :-D