April 8, 2010

Day 8

First off, we are finding it difficult to get internet access in our hotel and B&B, so posting will be sporadic.  We hope to post every couple of days.   To our family, we will try and skype Saturday or Sunday noon to 1 pm.  xoxooo

We arrived in Rome this morning and took and taxi to our B&B, the driver was very friendly explained the sites as we passed.  Today we are taking care of business. Getting ourselves ready for a three day marathon of site seeing in Rome. Cindi and I were discussing how difficult it is to describe what we are seeing with words.  Amazing, fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking...  they all apply.  The pictures only give a glimpse.  It seems every corner we turn they is something that takes our breath away.  In contrast, these wi-fi and internet spots are seedy and strange, but that's just shows the range of experience to be had when traveling.

For my students...
This weeks assignment is to download one of the pictures of scupture, choose a small section and create a full range value drawing of that section.

PS Guess what I forgot to bring... my address book.  So postcards are coming after I get back...


Anonymous said...

Sweety,I will skipe u sat sun 1pm my time miss u BIG, everything is going good;its weird not having u here talk to u soon-love Buckhweat

Terry and Cheryl Waldele said...

Hi Michelle,
Your Mom and I are following your blog comments almost every day, and we're both really happy you're enjoying your trip so much. Mom got a little concerned when you didn't comment on those days when you didn't have Internet access, but she's happy you finally got access and assured us all that you are OK and having a great time. Sounds like your trip is as fabulous as you had hoped. We're really happy for you and wish we could be there with you. Love,
Dad (and Mom.)