April 4, 2010

Day 3... I think...

Today was absolutely mind blowing.  My brain is mush and I can hardly think straight. We were on our way to see Notre Dame and found St Gervais.  This church was stunning!  Every step there was something awe inspiring to see.  At the far end is an alter dedicated to Mary, I sat down and cried, it was so beautiful.  After that we went to Notre Dame, the line was so long we stayed outside and admired the gargoyles and flying buttresses.  From there it was on to the Louvre.  It was closed for the day so we spent an amazing couple of hours looking at the architecture and statuary.  Luckily I purchased tickets ahead of time so we'll go back tomorrow morning first thing and spend the day inside.  I can't possibly describe how lucky I feel to be here...


Anonymous said...

To activate your CC the international toll free number is on the back of the CC. I'm unable to do it since I am not you. I miss you a lot!

I thought of another possible gift idea for me :) In Italy they might have blown glass earrings that one of the teachers had at my school they were beautiful! They look like little corkscrews, but you know me and anything blown glass is awesome possum! :P Just a thought :) Miss and love you!

Love Bean

Anonymous said...

PS Happy Easter!! Love you guys!

Elaine said...

The pictures are wonderful Michelle!! I am living vicariously and having a great time :-)

Keep up the great work!!


Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so excited you are off exploring these amazing places.
Tulips will be waiting for you in the yards of Seattle when you get home.