April 16, 2010

Travel snarl update...

Ok, here's the scoop.  Ken isn't going to be able to make it.  His schedule is too tight and we don't know when the volcano dust will settle.  My plane trip to Toulouse was cancelled also.  So bright and early this morning I took myself to the Nice train station and bought a ticket to Toulouse, as did everybody and there brother.  Lets just say the last four hour leg was in a packed train with cranky french folks and it was 88 degress farenheit.  Fortunately Cindi and I did enough train rides that I feel pretty comfortable with the system so no freakout on my part.  Look at me wearing my big girl pants now!

I'll be here in Toulouse Friday and Saturday night ( I need a rest after today!) I'm at the Ibis Toulouse rm 216 and the telephone number is 05 61 62 50 90 for emergencies.  Tomorrow I'll work out what's next and post to let everyone know.

Thanks Elaine for the pick me up message.  I needed that.

I miss you Ken, and wish the volcano hadn't blown it's top. xoxoooo

Sam and Ellie lots of love!!!

Mom and Dad, no worries, I'm being safe and careful.  I don't go out after dark and don't talk to strangers.

Please leave me a message on my blog, I need a little extra umph to keep up the gumption!!! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Lovely seeing you on Skype just now. So sorry I couldn't make it. I got the news of my flight cancellation when I arrived in Dallas. Since the next available seat was for Tuesday on a flight that may not even exist, I hopped the next flight home and got in after 14 hours of travel and 36 hours of no sleep (I was doing our taxes the night before).
I e-mailed your next B&B host to say you are on the way. I will email them again to say you will be late. Sleep well and enjoy travel as people have experienced it for centuries - one day at a time. I can't think of a more beautiful place to get stranded.
Everybody says hi, even the dogs. Arf. Love ya. Talk with you later.

Ken Dick said...

Hi Sweetie,
I expect Paris may still be closed on April 29th from the volcanic ash problem. Therefore, I have booked you an April 28th flight out of Madrid using my air miles. This airport has a higher chance of remaining open, regardless of what the volcano does. Plus, no flights will ever make it over the pole (i.e your Paris-Minneapolis-Seattle itinerary) until this eruption stops . Only Southerly flights will be available.
Soory I cn't be there now. I'd love the adventure. I'll just have to be your armchair traveler today. Let's both buy some nice French wine and cheese and have a romantic dinner over Skype later today.

Ken Dick said...

You cannot easily visit the Dordogne region without a car, so do yourself a favor and rent a car from a city you will return. Ask for a car that runs on the cheaper diesel (gazoline) and don’t go to an airport agency. They charge twice what you can find near the train station. If you can’t rent a car, go from Toulouse to Souillac by train (do not go all the way to Brive). There is no train west to Sarlat, so take bus line 6 from Souillac train station (gare Souillac) to Sarlat la Caneda train station (gare Sarlat); Bus departs Souillac on Saturday at 09:10, 15:01 and 18:00. Sunday at 15:01 and 18:00. 40 minute trip, 2 euros. Françoise and Jean-Claude Fleury at LE PETIT VERSAILLES (tel: 06 71 88 59 72) will pick you up in Sarlat if you tell them when and where. Otherwise, it is a 10km trip by taxi. AlloAllo Taxis Sarlat : Tél. 06 80 08 65 05 ou 05 53 59 02 43; Allo Philippe Taxi : Tél. 06 08 57 30 10 ou 05 53 59 39 65; Brajot Bernard : Tél. 05 53 59 41 13; Deroche Jacques : Tél. 06 08 63 56 18 ou 05 53 31 12 54; Faugère Eric : Tél. 06 81 16 66 21 ou 05 53 31 62 43; Sarlat Taxi : Tél. 06 72 77 73 96 ou 05 53 59 06 27. You can even get a car in Sarlat at either Europcar: Le Pontet - 24200 SARLAT, Tél. 05 53 30 30 40, or Rent a car: Centre commercial du Pontet - 24200 SARLAT Tél. 05 53 28 10 21

Ken Dick said...

To help you out this weekend: There are no seats available (at least by web) for the Saturday train from Toulouse to Souillac (same if you try getting to Brive). However, the Sunday train to Souillac is available and departs at 07h24 or 15h06, 37.30 €, Duration 01h50. The last train “should” get you to Souillac in time for the 18h00 bus to Sarlat. I saw Saturday’s train tickets disappear as I was doing my web search, so I suggest getting your Sunday ticket quickly. Call your hotel in Beynac to tell them of your arrival plans. To simplify all your travel plans, consider renting a small diesel car in some central town to get around locally (Toulouse, Brive, Souillac, Sarlat, wherever). If you still want to visit Tours, use Brive as your home base this week so you can use the train ticket, the Tours car reservation and the Amboise hotel we’ve already booked. There are no carriers flying from Tours to Madrid. To avoid using the trains you must fly from either Bordeaux or Toulouse airports. Those tickets cost 500-600 dollars. Hope this helps. Love, Ken

Patrice Moriarity Crawford said...

Michelle you are my hero! You are doing things that would have me freaking out in a big way, and I don't even have anxiety issues!
Keep wearing those big girl pants, they fit you perfectly, and be proud of yourself (I'm sure you are after this :-)

Stupid volcano!

Take care and stay strong!

TaraLarsenChang said...

Yeah! Stupid volcano!

Good luck with your newly scheduled adventure. Several of the gals in Life Drawing today were asking about you (we all miss you!).

You are brave and resourceful. I'm sure this'll end up being fun and epic in hindsight.

I'll be checking on you every day.


Terry said...

Hi Miss,
This is a test to see why our comment to you isn't being posted.

Rebecca Bush said...

Hey Michelle,
Way to go with your adventuring! You rule. We look forward to your return.