April 25, 2010

Thanks xoxox

This won't be my last post of the trip, there are still five more days.  But...

I wanted to say thank you to Ken, Ellie, Sam, Tara, Cindi, Jo, Patrice, Kathleen, Sarah, Christy, Elaine, Mom and Dad, Joan and Leon, Lynn, Rebbecca, and even some folks I'm connected to only on line, for being my commenting angels!  You all made the down moments much brighter.  It's been the trip I've dreamt of forever, an amazing mind bending experience made richer by all of you.

Love to you!

See you soon!


Patrice Moriarity Crawford said...

Looking forward to seeing you again and hearing about your adventures!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, soak it all in! :-D

Uschi said...

Seems (or better, I'm sure) you're having a blast!!! Love to see how everything is going. Amboise is amazing!! Probably didn't change that much in 18 years.... :-))
You'll have a lot to tell when you're back! I'm so happy for you!! Stay safe and enjoy the last days!!! xo Uschi