April 17, 2010

Some sketches and a bit of daily life

My hubby was asking to see some sketches from the trip.  I've posted a few here, plus my other accomplishment of the day, laundry.  The thing is, when in big cities filled with tourists it's not a very good idea to get totally absorbed in doing art.  As soon as you appear to be oblivious young scruffy men seem to migrate toward you which the guide books tell us are not violent, they just want to pick your pocket.  It's a little creepy so I have to be very particular about where I sketch.  Usually I'm tucked into a cafe with a cappacino with a view of something to draw.  It's great fun, but it's necessary to be cautious.


Ken Dick said...

Way Cool! This is what makes your trip worth every moment. Keep up the great work. I feel your travel portfolio will be the talk of the town after you return. As far as the travel news goes, US papers only cover what comes out of England, not any of the other countries. I have been reading Le Monde (www.lemonde.fr) to get a better view of your situation in Southern France. Bordeaux and Toulouse airports had over 50% cancellations Saturday, so I'd say you need to take a train to Madrid and forget about returning home via Paris. How very inconvenient, wouldn't you say? One fellow in Spain blogged, "I'd like to know exactly how Iceland intends to pay for this mess. They obviously shouldn't be allowed to keep their volcano if they can't keep it under control." Now there's someone with a practical sense of reason and and strong grasp of legal liability. On the flip side, you are the one with a grand understanding of the Arts and Social manners. I really look forward to all your stories and paintings when you return. Have fun tomorrow in that medieval museum you've just discovered. Cheers, Ken

Sarah said...

They say you can turn lemons into lemonade, but it seems to me that you are the master of turning ash into artwork. Your sketches and photos are amazing. I'm so proud of you for readjusting your plans and reclaiming your trip after the eruption. Mika and I have been thinking of you. We can hardly wait to see your sketchbook and hear more of your stories when you get back home. In the meantime, have fun and keep sketching and exploring! Big hugs, Sarah

jog said...

Michelle, I LOVE the architectural drawing and maybe you will have to join the watercolor camp! What a journey, versatile girl!

Sending you hugs and good days,