April 10, 2010

Day 10

Wow, day 10, I can’t believe it, a third of the trip passed. Yesterday we spent 9 hours touring cathedrals, and Vatican city. Lets just say we were once again speechless, and mind numb, not to mention pretty tired, we walked a lot!!! St. Peters was astounding the mosaics look like paintings they are so intricate! Sistine Chapel and Raphael rooms… masters works that take your breath away. Not to mention Bernini’s Pieta. Today we started at the Coliseum then moved to the Roman Forum. Our camera’s were smoking by the time we headed for dinner. So far the Roman Forum is my favorite in Rome, go figure! The Sistine chapel was amazing but very crowded and we only had fifteen minutes.

We have one more day before Cindi heads home and I’m off to Nice, France. I will try and blog tomorrow and then it will be a couple of days as I pack up and head for the next spot.

Just a quick note to family and friends, sometimes my email works when I get online and sometimes it doesn’t. So Ellie and Sam, I love you and can’t wait to see you, but you won’t be getting emails. So leave me messages on my bog.

Scott and Elaine, I'm pretty sure I found a geo-cache in Paris, I took a picture and will show it to you when I get home.

Love to everyone, xoxooo

Especially my grumpy husband!

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Elaine said...

It is such fun to see your adventure through these pictures Michelle!!! And I can't wait to see the Geocache one!! :-)

Looking forward to your next posting!