April 12, 2010

On my own...

Yesterday was our last day in Rome and we had a lovely relaxing day wondering aimlessly.  This morning we were up early and off to the airport.  My plane took off for Genoa at 8:55, it was a smooth ride.  From there it was a train ride from Genoa to Ventimiglia then Nice.  It's quite a lovely coastline.  I made it to Nice and found my hotel without any real problems.  Cindi would be proud of me! 

My hotel room is nothing to shout about, except the free Wi-Fi.  HOORAY!  So now I can check in everyday.  Tomorrow if the weather is ok I'll head toward the beach and listen to the breakers for a while.

Oh yes, tomorrow's assignment for my adult students...
I want you to take some time and look at paintings by Rubens, yes, we think of his chubby ladies when we here his name but what I want you to really pay attention to is how dynamic and theatrical his paintings are.  Contrast that to works with paintings from the 15th century.

Thinking of my Sam and Ellie.  Miss you both terribly!  Don't think I'll take anymore month long trips away from family, it's hard!

See you later this week Ken.  xoxoxoo

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